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    денонощно видеонаблюдение

    CCTV with client’s equipment


    If there is a video surveillance system on site, our team will connect your system to our duty centre.

    If there is a video surveillance system, our technical department has the opportunity to connect the system to the duty centre, after an inspection. Most modern CCTV systems work on similar protocols and integration is possible. In case of system incompatibility, our team can make a proposal to improve the quality of your CCTV system.

    There is no minimum contract term for this service.

    • What do you get?

    Round-the-clock video surveillance of your sites;

    Possibility for individual requirements;

    Access to the CCTV system by all client’s devices (mobile phones, computers, tablets), through a mobile application on your device with individual access data.

    Security and service by personnel highly qualified in the field;

    Guaranteed discretion and confidentiality;

    Our on-duty operators:

    • establish contacts with the Ministry of Interior, Fire-brigade and Rescue, Emergency Aid, etc.;
    • contact the security company of the site;
    • contact the owner or the assignor;

    Individual instructions are prepared for each client, agreed in advance and in accordance with the site requirements and features (view of CCTV cameras, contact persons, situation requiring attention).

    Recording of up to 30 working days.

    *The client undertakes, at its own expense, to provide a uninterruptible power supply and round-the-clock internet connection of the site.

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